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#WIPWednesday 2015 Excerpt #5 by @carlakrae #contemporaryromance #amwriting

WIP Wednesday #5

Here's excerpt #1. And excerpt #2. And excerpt #3. And excerpt #4.
The weeks preceding the Grammys had been comfortable, so Beth wasn’t tense around him anymore…no more so than she’d ever been since age fourteen.  Spending the day with him was fine.  It was the not-knowing what scheme he had up his sleeve that was the problem.  She didn’t like surprises.  They tended to not go well.
Ready to leave, they headed for the garage, where she saw an unfamiliar car.  “New?”
“A rental.”
“Why do you need an SUV?”
“One, the paparazzi don’t know it, and two, I’m not tellin’.”
“Are we going off-roading?”
“How far away is our destination?”
“You’ll see.”
“Patience, love. I promise today will be fun.”  He opened her door and helped her up.  “I could blindfold you if you intend to be difficult.”
“Very funny. No.”
He winked, shut the door, and ran ‘round to his side.  The windows were tinted as dark as legal in CA, making it harder for any paparazzi lurking outside the gate to identify them, and Beth hoped they wouldn’t be followed.  Jacob found his way to the 10 Freeway and pointed the SUV east.
With a comfy leather seat and warm cabin, she drifted off.
Pressure in her ears woke her up.  She yawned.  Why would…altitude?  The SUV was moving up a grade. 
“Good morning again,” he said.
“Where are we?”  Unzipping her purse, she dug for gum.
“Almost there.”
“How long was I out?”  Never could give a straight answer to a question…
“’Bout an hour.”
She popped a stick in her mouth, then glanced out the window.  Snow lined the road.  “The mountains? Jacob, neither of us is wearing snow gear.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“So you plan to stay in the car all day and drive around?”
“Why can’t you answer questions like a normal person?”
“When have you ever called me ‘normal’?” he replied with a grin.
She might hit him.  She wanted to hit him.  A nice sock on the bicep, right within reach.  He did this shtick on purpose to annoy her and it worked every time.  “You’re not nearly as amusing as you think you are, bud.”
“Aww, that hurts.”  He turned off the main road.
“Where are we going?”
“Patience, love.”


  1. I cannot wait to read the last of Elizabeth and Jacob. I know I am acting like Elizabeth, I need patience.


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