Saturday, May 13, 2023

Come celebrate 16 years with new book goodies! #romanceauthor #bookbirthday #contemporaryromance #rockstarromance #romancereaders

May 13th is here!

May 13th was always a special day in my life.

My grandfather was born 5/13/1913.

Beth and Jacob were born on May 13th, 2007, the day I wrote the first scene ever. Since I became published in 2011, May 13th has been a day to offer perks and BTS details to faithful readers of this love story.

Some of you have been here since the very beginning.

Thank you!

What's new for 2023?
  • The Bittersweet Duet in one set!
  • The Drummer added to the West Coast Soulmates set!
  • The Drummer and The Bittersweet Duet added to the Carla Krae box set!
  • Subscription community is open! Join today for exclusive flash fiction!

When We Were Young and Make You Feel My Love in one set!

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WEST COAST SOULMATES (series collection) - This set includes The Bassist, The Pianist, The Roommate, A Rockstar Christmas Wedding, and The Drummer.

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One set.

Every story written by romance author Carla Krae.

Start with Jacob and Beth and finish with Kate and Sam! 

This set includes KissedBetrayedForgivenLovedCompletedThe BassistThe PianistThe RoommateA Rockstar Christmas WeddingThe DrummerWhen We Were Young, and Make You Feel My Love.

If you like rockstars, epic love stories, and steamy pages, this collection is for you.

This set is intended for readers over the age of eighteen due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations. Includes three series.

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This month also marks the official public opening of Ream! Signing up for Ream is free!

My stories Kissed and The Bassist are free reads for members.

We're social creatures, meant to collaborate, so if you want to be part of future storytelling, become a subscriber for $3/month. Exclusives for subscribers include perks like behind-the-scenes content, bonus scenes, deleted scenes, WIP updates, and chapters of new stories before the books go public.

Possible bonus scenes could include weddings, new babies, new houses....let me know who you'd like to check in with again and let's build this community around stories together.

Monday, May 8, 2023

You are invited! SUBSCRIPTION LAUNCH DAY! #contemporaryromance #reamstoriesauthor #romancereaders #romancesubscription

Will you join me for exclusives?

I now have a subscription site that I love! I'm still using BMAC for my store, but not for posting story pages.

Why Ream?

Because Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee limit the kind of content creators can post - and Ream does not. Emilia Rose lost her Patreon because they deemed her too NSFW for them, and so the idea for Ream was born.

Have you tried to read stories on Patreon and been frustrated by the format?

None of that here!

We want you to be able to read books like you want to read books. You can even comment on chapters as you browse them, because this is really about community.

Unlike other subscription platforms, this site is built for authors and readers by authors.

The second reason? None of the issues of social media!

I want a lively community outside the control of mysterious algorithms, and I can't be the only person frustrated by not seeing what I want to see (looking at you, Facebook). Ream will never hide stuff from you, so you can see all the Community area posts available to subscribers like you.

So - want to try things out?

My stories Kissed and The Bassist are free reads right now today!

Signing up for Ream is free! <-Click here to go to my page

If you like the experience and want more, become a subscriber:

  • For $3/month, you will get access to reading The Roommate as well as private updates I want to make to fans before they go public. Exclusives for subscribers include perks like behind-the-scenes contentbonus scenesdeleted scenesWIP updates, and chapters of new stories before the books go to stores.

  • For $5/month, you'll get the the above plus Jacob and Beth's Rockstar Life series! BetrayedForgivenLoved, and Completed will be yours to read immediately.

  • Want access to everything? For $10/month, get all the above PLUS full access to the West Coast Soulmates series! That's The PianistThe RoommateA Rockstar Christmas Wedding, and The Drummer available immediately for you.

But that's just me.

Ream already has lots of authors offering you all kinds of goodies, so explore and have fun. We're happy to have every passionate book lover!

If you have questions, please use the comment section below.