Sunday, May 26, 2019

Remember what Memorial Day is about #memorialday #neverforget

Memorial Day

Did you know there's a WWI memorial in progress in DC?

They're still $13 million short of the $40 million needed and citizens can donate.

It'll be 8 ft tall and 50 ft wide, in a spot near the White House.

A soldier's journey is the story of the sculpture.

Monday, May 20, 2019

New Google Play Links

You might've noticed that my books disappeared from Google Play.

GP demanded new stuff from distributors, making them and authors jump through hoops. Though my paperwork was in April 7th, before the deadline, they pulled all books by April 15th.

Now they're back, but with brand new listings. All ratings and reviews were lost.

Shop for my books

It's inconvenient, but if you left a review on GP before, can you please do so again?

Believe me, my publisher is NOT happy. We've lost 6 weeks of income.