Mr. Perfect (New Adult)

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect - This story quickly evolved into being sweet (as in "awwwwww") between childhood friends that have discovered grown-up feelings with the kind of hero that's going to cause a lot of swooning. He's a real romantic. Sweet as in "aww", not as in no sex. If you've read me, you know I like some heat. At the end, I want to make you say, "Aww, I wish Justin Mackenzie was my man!"

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Shy and socially-anxious Kimmie's father gets a job transfer during her last college year, forcing her to go with him or stay in the only town she’s ever known, and she’s not ready to be alone.
Kimmie’s best friend Erin insists she move in, putting her down the hall from her crush Justin.  He’s been Mr. Perfect since he and Kimmie met at age twelve, excelling at everything including kindness.  A Christmas party kiss might move them out of the friend zone, but she doesn’t trust it as genuine romance. The surprise affection has Erin’s meddling written all over it.
Can Justin bring Kimmie out of her shell and prove his feelings for her are the real thing, or will first love die before it begins?
This story is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

4/9/2017 - 21,039 words. Work in progress.
1/19/2018 - 21,279 words after a fresh read.
1/22/2018 - Kimmie's POV converted to 1st person. 21,863 words. 23,144 now.
1/26/2018 - 26,400 words.
1/30/2018 - 28,404 words.
6/4/2018 - 28,764 words. 2AM, off to bed. More later. 29,050 after editing existing words. 29,990 now I'm continuing chapter 20. Got neck tension today and it's skewing my vision a bit. My eyes keep getting tired reading the screen. Ibuprofen time.
6/5/2018 - 30,455 words.
February 2019 - story with two betas to figure out why it's stuck.


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