Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Teaser - Birthday Girl

Choose to be the new girl in town at your own peril. I get now why Mom never lived farther than twenty minutes from the house she was born in all her life. I looked around my empty living room, the balloons in the corners mocking my solitude. The food on the kitchen table sat untouched, a chocolate cake still pristine in the center.

This was what happened when a girl sponsored her own birthday party.

Someone knocked on the front door. I checked my watch and greeted Marcy, my best friend. She shoved a present into my hands.

“Hi, Hattie, sorry I can’t stay, but I wanted to give you this so you wouldn’t think I forgot.” She smiled, ran back down the driveway to her Honda, waved, and zipped away. She’d been fifteen minutes late. We might be rethinking that friend title.

I placed the small gift on the table and put the food back in the refrigerator. Didn’t want to poison anyone, should they ever show up. I hadn’t invited a lot of people—there weren’t many I knew well enough yet to let into my home—but I’d put out a decent spread. There was even alcohol, and I didn’t drink.

After another half-hour, I gave up and turned the lights out in the living room, then cut a piece of cake for myself and stuck one candle in it.

“Happy friggin’ birthday to me.”


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 sentences from my WIP file

Euphoria flowed through my body, and I collapsed on his chest. “See you next summer?” I said, breathing heavily. I started to get up and Mike grabbed my hips.

“Oh, no, you’re not getting away with that, Rae.” He rolled us so he was on top and thrust into my body.

My inner muscles spasmed, still affected by my climax. I glanced at the clock while he got his rocks off, noting I had an hour to get to the airport. The second orgasm surprised me.

He grinned. “Knew you had another in you.”

“Five today not enough for you? I’m going to miss my flight.”

Mike always did this on the day I left, dragging our time out to the last second.