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First Listen gives you exclusive access to Flash Fiction stories I only publish there.

Purchase a Concert Ticket and gain access to Rae/Shane's romance before it goes public!

If you join at the Backstage Pass level, you get 1000+ pages of stories for $10.

Become a Fan Club Member for $15 and gain access to 2000+ pages!

Subscribe as a Duet Partner for $20 and receive everything currently published!

My subscription page is the only place to get this kind of value.

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The latest addition to the subscription is Rae and Shane's work in progress!

There's a new R/S chapter every Monday!

I currently have 42 chapters loaded.

Note: Is this a first draft? Yes. Do I write clean, though? YES.

I'm not an author whose first draft is a total disaster of typos and continuity errors etc. that might make the reading experience a pain (for anyone that doesn't love editing lol).

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We want you to be able to read books like you want to read books. You can even comment on chapters as you browse them, because this is really about community.

How commenting on stories works

Ream has lots of authors offering you all kinds of goodies, so explore and have fun. We're happy to have every passionate book lover!

Why Ream? 

Because Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee limit the kind of content creators can post - and Ream does not. 

Have you tried to read stories on Patreon and been frustrated by the format?

None of that here! Unlike other subscription platforms, this site is built for authors and readers by authors.

The second reason? None of the issues of social media!

I want a lively community outside the control of mysterious algorithms, and I can't be the only person frustrated by not seeing what I want to see (looking at you, Facebook). Ream will never hide stuff from you, so you can see all the Community area posts available to subscribers like you.

Ready to try things out?

Welcome to this home created by book lovers for book lovers!

When you become a paid subscriber to support and get exclusive benefits from your favorite authors, you will receive updates through email on new chapters and stories. In addition, you will also receive notifications of new posts they make in their community.

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