The Bittersweet Duet

The Bittersweet Duet

When finding your true love comes after a bit of heartbreak.

Flavors - like life - need balance. Nearly every cookie or cake recipe includes a pinch of salt. The finest dark chocolate rides the line between bitter and buttery sweetness.

So it is with The Bittersweet Duet

Bittersweet Duet Prelude - Grad Night - BookbubGoodreads | Story Origin | Series page |

Sam and Kate are best high-school friends crushing on each other but afraid to act on it. With high school ending, there’s one last night that might bring those feelings public.

Will they finally give in to that attraction?

This story is an exclusive sneak peek into a second-chance romance.

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Kate was my best friend and secret dream girl and I let her go.


Yeah, I know, not my finest moments, but they seemed right at the time.

Now, she’s back in town for our twentieth high school reunion and I want to know everything—especially did she miss me? A newly-single dad of little ones, my focus shouldn’t be romance, but Kate was always my weakness.

She makes me feel alive for the first time in months, I’ve missed our closeness from the past, and Mom loves her like a daughter. My kids even like her instantly. I want her no matter how much it complicates our lives.

Kate Carson will finally be mine.

This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

Make You Feel My Love
- Bittersweet Duet #2 - SmashwordsApple | Barnes and Noble | Amazon | Google Play | Kobo | Eden Books |

Sleeping with Sam the second time might’ve been the stupidest thing I’ve done in thirty-eight years. Everyone knows long-distance relationships don’t work. I go home after Christmas thinking I did the right thing.

Then he shows up at my door with my favorite pizza and wine and says he loves me!

Sam offers me things no other man ever has, but it feels like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Long-distance terrifies me, especially when he wants me there with him now and I know his patience won’t last forever.

Then he pushes for more at the same time my world is turned upside-down and it’s too much. If I’m already losing everything, why not him, too?

Our timing has always sucked.

But fate eventually puts me back in California again.

And this time, I know I love him back.

This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

When We Were Young and Make You Feel My Love in one set! Releasing May 13, 2023.

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