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#WIPWednesday 2015 Excerpt #2 #contemporaryromance

WIP Wednesday #2

Here's excerpt #1 if you missed it last week.

This excerpt is from chapter 2:

Afterward, they picked up the real statue with his name engraved on it.  The band did press and such while Celeste and Beth found the limo.  They’d finally be able to relax at the party. 
Multiple parties.  They popped in all over Hollywood while Jacob networked and caught up with seldom-seen associates.  With a loosened tie and carefree smile, he’d rarely looked so sexy.  He was in his element and it made him happy.
Separate rides home had been pre-arranged, so eventually she and Jacob were on their own.  He tucked her hair behind her left ear and cupped the back of her head, pulling her forward for a kiss.  She sighed into his mouth and slid her arms around his neck.  The few sips of champagne she’d had tonight made her not care if someone might be watching.
“Ready to go home?” he asked.
“Which one?”
Their limo pulled up.  “Good question. We have the car the rest of the night. Hungry?”
Ooo, I was in the best kind of trouble.  “Nah. I grazed on the buffets. But don’t let me stop you.”
He gave the limo driver instructions, then raised the privacy screen.  “Told you tonight would be fun.”
“Okay, I’ll admit…aside from being blinded when we arrived, I had a good time.”
“And no one harassed you.”
She jostled him with her elbow.  “Kidding. Kinda. I’m nervous about tomorrow.”
“Then let’s skip town.”
“Just for the day. Go somewhere no one will expect us.”
“Don’t say you have to work. I know you took the day off because we’d be out late.”
“It’s really annoying how well you know my habits.”
He grinned.  “You’re predictably practical, sweetheart. So is that a yes?”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“I need to know how to dress!”
“No, you don’t. If you need something I’ll buy it for you. Be spontaneous, Bethie. Please?”
He was lucky she loved him.  It made her a sucker for “please”.  Not that he had a bad idea.  Being out of reach was a very good idea—she only needed to think first.  Surprises made her nervous. 
The car stopped at a drive-thru to get Jacob food, then they rode toward Santa Monica.  At this hour, they could sit at the beach and not be disturbed, or walk the boardwalk.  Thank goodness she had a warm coat with her. 
“Do you remember that giant bear I won you at the Pier?” he asked.
“Of course.”  A bittersweet day, in hindsight.  But they had fun on Third Street.  “It’s in storage at Dad’s.”
His eyebrows rose.  “Bit surprised you kept anything from that time.”
“You know me. I don’t throw anything out. Not memories. Might hide them away, but I can’t chuck stuff in the trash. Still have the photos I took that day, too.”
“Have to show me some time.”
“Yeah.”  She kissed him.  She didn’t want to talk about the days associated with Mom’s cancer.  Not when they were supposed to be celebrating.
The wind and his fingers loosened wisps of hair out of her up-do and a tendril kept getting blown toward their mouths. Jacob finally stood and led her back to the limo.  “Let’s get somewhere warm.”
He kissed her again once the door closed and tried to pull her onto his lap, but her head bumped the low ceiling.  Damn awkward vehicle. 
By the time they reached her complex, all the making out in the limo had them both hot and bothered.  He nibbled on her neck while she disarmed the security system.
“Is he waiting for you?” she asked.
“The driver.”
“Booked until sunrise, so I s’pose so. But I can send him home if you want me to.”  He kissed her before she could make up her mind.
Oh, I wanted. 
No.  Not yet.  But yes.  Part of me wanted very much.
“I remember the first night you wore this dress.”
“So do I. You bailed at the end.”
“I didn’t run off. It was late.”
“You totally did! It was a lovely evening until I needed help with my zipper, and then you bailed.”
“Because I wanted you. I wanted to kiss every inch of you until you were shaking with need and begging me to take you.”
Wow.  Smoldering intensity?  Check!
Jacob picked her up.  Where to, didn’t matter.  Not when he was kissing her like this.  Up the stairs, then he set her down in the hall.  It was so dark she could barely see him.  Quiet, except for the sounds of their passion.  In her bedroom, she fumbled for the switch on the wall so they wouldn’t stumble and kill themselves.  He murmured words of love into her mouth, his hands sliding all over her back and pressing her closer to him.  She slid her hands under his jacket and pushed it off his shoulders, undoing the tie next.

He unzipped her dress.  


  1. Carla,
    You are such a talented writer! I love this story and I am so glad you came back to this. I will read anything you write as I am a forever faithful reader. You go girl!!
    Sue Griffiths


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