Friday, April 11, 2014

May 13th is Jacob and Beth's Series Birthday!

Something special is coming on May 13th!

Beth and Jacob were born on May 13th, 2007, the day I wrote the first scene ever. The story went through a lot of changes once I had a first draft in March of 2009 and it took another two years of work before I introduced them to the world.

Since May 13th, 2011, my readers have received something special about Jacob and Beth. This year, a four-book e-book bundle is releasing for $0.99 USD for one week. The special price is good for one week only.

Sooner to the day, links will be released, but for now, mark your calendars! If you've been hesitant to pick up these four books, here is your chance - they will never be at a better price again.

Thanks for the support!

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