Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover Reveal for FORGIVEN!

FORGIVEN cover reveal!

Releasing in paperback and e-book Feb 2, 2014.

Years after their attempt at dating crashed and burned, a struggling Beth went to work for rock-star Jacob as his personal assistant.  At first, they’re almost friends, but when Jacob becomes the stereotypical hard-partying musician, a wedge builds between them that could be permanent. 

When a car accident sidelines Beth with weeks of recovery, she takes it as a sign to change her life and resigns, but Jacob has other plans.  He’s still in love with her and won’t give up until she gives him a second chance. 

Can Beth and Jacob forgive all the pain they caused each other in the past? 

Forgiven is the third of five books in the My Once and Future Love Revisited series exploring Beth and Jacob’s relationship with all its joys, flaws, and heartache. 

New Adult Contemporary Romance saga.

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