Monday, January 6, 2014

About FORGIVEN (My Once and Future Love Revisited #3)


This is My Once and Future Love Revisited novella #3. Releases February 2, 2014 - barring any unforeseen delays.

This part of Jacob and Beth's story is really growing.  

I hope I've sufficiently addressed some people's criticisms of Beth so far. I won't make her a different person, but I hope I've made her thoughts easier to understand. Also, Jacob has flaws, and they're not being glossed over. This book is where he is at his worst. This part of the story always had that, but I'm not sure people understood that like they should before.

I hope this book will be well-received. I think it'll be worth it for readers who own MOaFL to pick up FORGIVEN when it's released. I've added over 2000 words so far and I'm not done, yet. I haven't changed the big points, but this is getting fleshed out with more characters interacting with them (and stuff). Andrew, Darcy, and Nathan all get more "screen time" in the revised series. 

No cover art yet, or I'd include it with this post. It's going to fit well with KISSED and BETRAYED.

Thank you for supporting these characters. After FORGIVEN is done, I'm on to LOVED, the last novella before the final novel. 

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  1. FORGIVEN is finished. Uploading the document for the print version now. E-book version will be up for pre-order after I get my cover.


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