Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Is Real Now (My Once and Future Love series news)

So. Things are changing. Jacob and Beth are getting a new home.

Willowick Publishing is re-publishing the series in paperback. This means all current versions are coming down very soon.

The series has been edited into four novellas, changed into 3rd Person POV throughout, had a few scenes added, and what you've known as Book 3 is now Book 5. Still the last book of the series, and coming in 2014.

If you're part of my Street Team or get my Newsletter, you already knew this was coming, but now I can show cover art.

This is #1, officially releasing on November 3rd for $6.99 USD. It'll be on Amazon by then.

Thanks to everyone that has supported Jacob and Beth. This couldn't have happened without you.

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