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Read an Excerpt from WHEN WE WERE YOUNG! #contemporaryromance #steamyromance #NSFW #romancereaders #comingsoon

Kate and Sam are 11 days away!

Today I bring you a little NSFW sample. Enjoy!

When We Were Young - The Bittersweet Duet #1

Kate was my best friend and secret dream girl and I let her go.


Yeah, I know, not my finest moments, but they seemed right at the time.

Now, she’s back in town for our twentieth high school reunion and I want to know everything—especially did she miss me? A newly-single dad of little ones, my focus shouldn’t be romance, but Kate was always my weakness.

She makes me feel alive for the first time in months, I’ve missed our closeness from the past, and Mom loves her like a daughter. My kids even like her instantly. I want her no matter how much it complicates our lives.

Kate Carson will finally be mine.

This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.


I let myself in the house. “Mom?”

No reply.

That wasn’t unusual since she was often in the backyard garden if the weather was pleasant. Continued upstairs into the Jack-and-Jill bathroom. Wasn’t the first time I’d used this shower since she renovated. Home was closer to the community pool than my house.

Stripped out of my clothes, dropping them on the toilet, turned the water on, and stepped in. Heat came near-instantly thanks to the new tank heater I paid for after hers nearly flooded the downstairs after Dad died. The least I could do to give her a little peace of mind.

Plunging my head under the spray, the water washed away my thoughts for a little while.

It also muffled any sounds until I heard a gasp.

Shook my head, cleared my eyes—oh.


I forgot she was staying here.

She stared at me, surprise written on her beautiful face.

The fact she hadn’t closed the door and run away made me bold.

“See something you like, Miss Carson?” The stall was clear glass.

Only steam and water streams would obscure the view, but I’d spent nearly my whole life in locker rooms, so I wasn’t shy.

“Yes,” she whispered.

The reply made my dick twitch as it began to harden.

Taking a risk, I opened the stall door.

Her gaze traveled down over my body as she took one step forward. When those gorgeous green eyes met mine again, I wasn’t alone in this desire.

She was within reach of my swimmer’s arms and my hand slid around the nape of her neck. Our lips met, she moaned, and I instantly regretted chickening out eighteen years ago.

A couple seconds of finding our rhythm, then full steam ahead, my dick hardening between us. She didn’t seem to mind. I kissed her like I’d kissed no woman before—except her.

Her arms went around my shoulders and neck.

“I’m sorry I ran,” I murmured.

“Make it up to me.”

Never had I wanted a woman more, not even the first time. Would we have been like this the night we kissed in her kitchen? I’d been seconds from setting her on the island when I left.

She kissed back harder, dueling her tongue with mine.

I loved how eager she was for me.

Why was she wearing clothes? I had to remedy this.

She had the same thought and we frantically tossed the fabric aside, barely separating our mouths. I backed into the shower with her and I was instantly mesmerized by her naked body. My dirtiest teenage wet dreams couldn’t come close to the real thing in all her erotic glory. The closest I’d ever seen her to this was in a swimsuit, but there was no comparison—especially because she was all grown up now. The curves, the silky hair down to her waist…

The breasts I could now confirm I’d deem perfect.

Her eyes opened, becoming half-lidded.

“I should’ve kissed you in high school,” I growled.

“You should’ve.”

“Show me what you like now?” It should’ve come out more confident, but I was half-expecting to wake up from a dream any moment.

One hand went between her thighs, the other trailing up to her left breast. My high-school dream girl was naked, wet, and displaying how she got herself off.

She moaned my name.

Following her lead, my fingers found her cl!t. Soaked and slippery. I kissed her again. She sucked my tongue into her mouth when I plunged two fingers into her.

My c0ck ached, but a lady came first and I loved how responsive she was.

“If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up,” she whispered.

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