Saturday, August 20, 2022

Happy 4th Birthday! Milo and Nala are the youngest cats in our clowder #rescuecats #adoptdontshop #tabbycats #fosterfail #nationalindependentbookstoreromanceday #bookstoreromanceday

Milo and Nala are 4 today!

I tried to get current photos, but every attempt this week resulted in blurry noses and eyeballs lol.

I posted about their 2nd birthday here, when they became adults by veterinary definition.

"Milo is black and tan like his big brother Lowen and they get along quite well now. Lowen teaches him how to better hunt bugs! They also play tag since they both love to run. Once Milo gets a little tired, then he's my lap kitty, though he also loves to be rubbed by my slippers when I'm standing."

He and Lowen are still close, though once Milo figured out he was big enough to win a wrestling match with Leo, that dynamic flipped on its head! Leo used to bully Milo and Leo doesn't like losing at all. He fake howls and cries, lol. Milo's still the better cat - he puts Leo in his place and then it stops.

With Leo settling into a calmer and nice cat at four years old, he and Milo are finally getting along pretty well. Leo greets Milo by bathing his face and they mutually sniff each other's butts.

Milo looks like a small cat, but he's heavy. You pick him up and it's like he's made of lead. At least 9lbs! He's the smallest male cat in the house, yet eats the most. His metabolism is like a teenager's.

His favorite thing this summer is laying in the bathroom sink. Keeps him cooler.

 Milo at 7 weeks old

"Nala is a sweetheart, but fearful of men, so I'm still working on her. Because she loves me and no one else, she wasn't adopted out. She's beautiful, though, lithe and leggy and very soft. Also has a goofy side."

Nala finally, this year, will let Tech Guy pet her if I'm right there, too. 

With vet offices closed during the pandemic, she didn't get some stuff done until this spring and we had a full year of crazy. I never knew when she might lick me or scratch me. 

That phase is finally over now! 

She still gets easily stimulated from petting and might swat with claws, so I just read her body language and stick to her limits. She'll keep mellowing with age - they all do.

She's a toy thief and either hoards them or destroys them. Rough player, that girl.

Nala is still slight and svelte. Only 6lbs healthy. A little heavier in winter. She doesn't want to eat as much once it's warm and her food has to be chilled in the fridge or she won't touch it at all.

Both siblings have the silkiest coats you'll ever feel on a cat, especially the fur on the tops of their heads. Both still have way more energy than they probably should at this age. LOL. And both will do ANYthing for crunchy treats. But all the cats are "addicted" to those. ;)

Today is also National Independent Bookstore Romance Day!

"Bookstore Romance Day is a day designed to give independent bookstores an opportunity to celebrate Romance fiction—its books, readers, and writers—and to strengthen the relationships between bookstores and the Romance community."

In that spirit, I'm highlight Eden Books today.

Eden Books officially launched March 1, 2019 and is a member of American Booksellers Association and Indie Bound.

All my books are at Eden

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