Thursday, August 20, 2020

Milo and Nala are 2 today! #rescuecats #fosterfail #caturday

 Happy birthday, Milo and Nala!

My intro post

Milo had to be taken to the vet at six weeks old for a respiratory infection. Cats don't eat if they can't smell food and he would've died if I followed the cheap clinic idiot's advice. Now, he's a healthy 8lb boy.

Milo is black and tan like his big brother Lowen and they get along quite well now. Lowen teaches him how to better hunt bugs! They also play tag since they both love to run. Once Milo gets a little tired, then he's my lap kitty, though he also loves to be rubbed by my slippers when I'm standing.

Nala is a sweetheart, but fearful of men, so I'm still working on her. Because she loves me and no one else, she wasn't adopted out. She's beautiful, though, lithe and leggy and very soft. Also has a goofy side.

Both Milo and Nala have unique eyes - their irises are a ring of green around the black pupil with a ring of yellow around the green on the outside. Depending on light, their eye color changes a lot. Only cats I've ever seen with irises like this.

Birthday kitties always get extra treats and belly rubs. :)

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