Monday, October 15, 2018

Meet MiniLo - my latest #fosterkitten #rescuekittens #CatsOfTwitter

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Meet MiniLo

This kitten almost died last week.

$240 later, he now looks like this:

If anyone's feeling generous and wants to help the kittens, I've started a wish list.

He had an Upper Respiratory Infection come up quite suddenly last week and he was already the smaller kitten of the two. I picked him up lethargic and wheezing.

This baby almost died because Golden State Humane Society wouldn't treat him. Vet said there's no problem. Bullshit. Kittens that can't smell food won't eat. I waited hours to get into that clinic because of the low cost, but people obviously get what they pay for. By the time I got home, it was too late to see another vet.

Gave him a bath to take care of fleas that night, then off to Nohl Ranch Animal Hospital the next morning. They were appalled that the other vet saw no issue and brushed me off. He got a fluids shot for dehydration, antibiotic shot, Capstar to kill any remaining fleas, the SNAP test for viruses (negative), and meds and recovery food to take home. He gets an oral antibiotic and eye drops every day. The recovery food had a strong odor to entice him to eat. They got him to nibble at the office, but it took until that night for me to get him to take in anything at home.

Discovered he didn't want to eat in the crate but he'd do it in a box. That got him started and then there's been improvement every day since.  He was probably at least half a pound light at 6 weeks old, just skin and bones, so I've been refilling the bowl every time he empties it. He should be 2lbs at 8 weeks, which he'll turn on Monday, so we still have a ways to go.

If anyone's feeling generous and wants to help the kittens, I've started a wish list.

Right now, it's only the canned food. For being little, kittens actually go through a LOT of food in a week (a can/day at this age), so it'd be really helpful to get a case. Once MiniLo is recovered, I'll be catching his sister, too, and the food bill will double. Cat rescue is NOT cheap. Especially not done with the utmost care, and I'm too much of a softie to do anything but, so I'd be grateful for a little help.




  1. Hi Carla! MiniLo is adorable!! Thank you so much or taking care of stray kitties in your neighborhood!! A case of kitty food is on its way!! I also bought several of your books on Amazon. I hope that helps!! ;)

    Best wishes,
    Charli Mercer

    1. Thanks! Sorry I didn't see the comment until now.


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