Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Buy Carla Krae Books Direct Starting Today! #romancebooks #romancenovels #romanceseries #romancereaders #romanceauthors @buymeacoffee

Buy Direct at BMAC Starting Now!

Our distributor shocked the author world yesterday! They're being acquired by another even though they've been profitable. If you've been around the corporate world at all, "acquired" brings up mental images. Cringing right now? 

Yeah. Us, too.


In the spirit of being prepared for this new merger to go tits up, all my books are now hosted on Buy Me A Coffee - no middle man!

Kissed | Betrayed | Forgiven | Loved | Completed

The Bassist | The Pianist | The Roommate | A Rockstar Christmas Wedding

Sets: Jacob and Beth's Rockstar Life | Our Christmas Love Story | West Coast Soulmates

Grad Night

BMAC doesn't allow decimal points for prices, so instead of $3.99, it's $4. 

But - if you sign up as a Member, you'll get $1 off every title over 99 cents! 

Spend $1/month to save $9, plus read The Drummer early. Cool deal, right?

Updates will come as I learn more.

Thank you to Willowick Publishing for being adaptable!

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