Saturday, December 3, 2016

An Opportunity to Receive Exclusive Content! #romance #books #fridayreads

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I have a NEW opportunity for you to receive exclusive content from my books in progress. Interested? Click here

For only $1/month, you will get exclusive access to scene excerpts of Mike and Hannah, and then the works-in-progress to follow!

I'm working on a new romance series, West Coast Soulmates. The stories are mostly stand-lone, linked by setting except for the first two - Dylan and Jen and Mike and Hannah.

The Roommate is book 3. 

Be one of the first patrons to give $34/month and receive one of 5 handmade bracelets from me. Contribute $50/month and you will be listed on the thank-you page of Mike and Hannah when it releases.

More incentives will be added in 2017.

What is a patron? 1. a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, cause, or activity, 2. a customer, especially a regular one.

Why do I need your support? Because it's not enough to write and publish a book. Aside from production costs (i.e. cover art), the most important aspect is visibility, and marketing is expensive. Writing is my sole source of income, so I live or die by my sales every month. In moving beyond the MOaFLR series, I need your help to reach new audiences.

Book 4 - Mr. Perfect
Shy and socially anxious Kimmie's father gets a job transfer during her last college year. Her best friend Erin takes her in, putting Kimmie down the hall from her crush. Justin has been Mr. Perfect since they met at age twelve, excelling at everything including kindness, but a Christmas party kiss changes everything. Can he bring her out of her shell, or will first love die before it begins?

Book 5 - untitled
20th high-school reunion. Back in the town where dreams seemed possible and the future bright, where Kate's crush Sam still lives with his seemingly perfect life.

Sam is waiting until after the reunion to announce his divorce, but seeing Kate again rouses feelings long buried and he wants her no matter how much it complicates the weekend.

Sex with Sam is the best she's had, but is this a fling?

Mike and Hannah is the furthest along with over 38,000 words and I hope to publish it in January. It's the last story set in Jacob and Beth's world.

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