Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Official Cover Reveal - Dylan and Jen: a My Once and Future Love Revisited story

WIP Wednesday

I first talked about this story here.

Now see the official cover!

Pretty, no?

This will be on Amazon by Christmas Day. It's a short I'm still working on (due to some real-life delays out of my control), so I can't give the exact date, but I'm hustlin' to release it ASAP. ETA: Story is at 9628 words now. It'll reach 10,000 before it's done. 4 chapters. Releasing by Christmas Day 2013.

Here's a little excerpt:

December 2013

It’d been five days and Jen hadn’t called, yet.  Dylan couldn’t get her out of his head or his dreams, and it was driving him crazy wondering if she regretted their time together, or was merely busy.  They didn’t know much about each other, of course, but the girl was already in his blood.  His favorite high.  He knew if she’d only see him again, they could create something fantastic.
For Christmas, he went over to Jake and Beth’s house.  When it turned out he was the only guy there without a date besides her father, it hit him that maybe he should’ve stayed on the mountain at least another day.  He hadn’t thought about having a girlfriend since his ex broke his heart years ago, but now…surrounded by friends with serious relationships, he realized it was time.  He wanted it.  He wanted to love again.

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