Sunday, October 2, 2011

By the way - Piracy is Wrong

ETA: MediaFire situation is resolved. Other links still to tackle.

I discovered a PDF version of A Reluctant Vampire on Media Fire this weekend.

Yeah, I know the story is free, but I do not authorize sharing my e-books on download sites.


It's in the copyright language on the first page of every book. And really? The story is FREE. Free to download in mulitple versions on, plus B&N, Apple, and Amazon. It's ridiculous.

So, thanks to some disrespectful pirate, I now have to fight with Media Fire to get the book removed because so far, they've only sent me cut-and-paste responses to my requests, asking me to jump through hoops I've done twice so far.

Readers, if you see any of my books shared on any download site, please report it. While I support lending friends and relatives paperbacks and such, I absolutely cannot support the illegal sharing of my copyrighted work that denies me the fair compensation I work for. Writing is my job.

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