Sunday, January 21, 2024

#YOLOwithKOBO ends Tuesday! #LaramieBriscoe #Kobo #KoboPlus #ReadfreewithKoboPlus #freebooks

YOLO with KOBO is back!

Over 600 books from 450 authors!

Did you sign up for Kobo Plus last time we did #YOLOwithKOBO and enjoy your free month?

Now we're back with a new browsing opportunity with more featured books! All genres of romance, plus more

Search for your next Kobo Plus read broken down by category ➜ ➜ 

All of the books ➜ ➜

Kobo Plus is truly unlimited and allows readers to access as many titles as they’d like with no restrictions. The only way readers lose access to their Kobo Plus downloads is if they cancel their membership.

Kobo Plus - It’s like Audible Premium Plus and KU combined - for only $9.99 a month! 

You can even get Kobo Plus completely free for 1 month with a free trial. 

My books are enrolled - with no exclusivity

Does it get any better?

Sign up to Kobo Plus here ➜ ➜

Kobo Plus is a subscription service from Rakuten Kobo that connects readers with a growing selection of ebooks in regions worldwide. The current list of regions served includes:

  • Australia

  • Belgium

  • Canada

  • France

  • Italy

  • The Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Portugal

  • The United Kingdom

  • The United States

And now launched in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark!

You can even download the Kobo app to your Kindle. Your Kobo books will be found in the Kobo app and not in your Kindle Library. Here's how to get the app.

Kindle Settings

Search for "Install unknown apps"

Select Silk Browser and allow it to download unknown apps.

Open Silk Browser

Search for the following depending on if you're in the US or UK (if you're in another country, replace the country code in one of these links)

Once installed, the Kobo icon will be added to your apps. Sign in with your Kobo account (or make one).

Kobo does not require authors to have their books exclusive to them to be in KP, so most authors who don't have their books in KU have them in KP. 

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