Monday, February 15, 2021

GRAD NIGHT is finally free on Amazon! #contemporaryromance #freeromance

Grad Night free at Amazon

Amazon is the only store that doesn't let us manually set a price for 0.00, so it's always their discretion to match another store's price. Well, it finally happened for Grad Night! Only published in September...


Note - this price is only for the dot com store. If you live outside the US, you will probably have to shop elsewhere. Links below:

Bittersweet Duet Prelude - Grad Night - Eden Books | Smashwords | Story Origin | Apple | Barnes and Noble | Gardners | Kobo | Scribd | Google Play |

Sam and Kate are best high-school friends crushing on each other but afraid to act on it. With high school ending, there’s one last night that might bring those feelings public.

Will they finally give in to that attraction?

This story is an exclusive sneak peek into a second-chance romance.

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