Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Carla Krae Autumn 2019 Update


This year has been full of challenges.

In late April, Tech Guy hurt his left knee that already wasn't good. We've gone through a whole lot of medical world stupidity to finally find a good ortho doc through his chiropractor that said surgery isn't the right option and sent Tech Guy to physical therapy twice a week.

We definitely weren't expecting to have to spend over $1300 (and ongoing) this year. Tech Guy's insurance deductible is $3000 and then they'll cover 10% up to $4500.......except the Urgent Care started the submission order wrong in the first place so all these expenses haven't been counting toward said deductible.

Which was really freaking us out when the first surgeon said surgery. Tech Guy spent mid-May into Sept. saving up the $4500 to pay his part of surgery that's usually at least $10,000.

Thank God the new orthopedic surgeon thinks PT is more appropriate - and it's working. Tech Guy is able to walk without the brace for crutch for short distances around the house and at work. Prescription was 6 weeks of 12 visits, then reassess, and we're halfway through that now.

Then my uncle died Sept. 24th in Oklahoma. I haven't been able to see him since May 2004, and I couldn't afford to go to his memorial and burial, either. He was laid to rest on Monday, the 7th, and I hope it was without drama.

He'd sold his burial plot in California since making the permanent move. It took a bit to confirm that with the cemetery's records, and then my hopes of having closure here were dashed. He's now in a military cemetery in OK as a Navy veteran. I don't know when - or if - I'll ever get to see his grave.

I've been distracting myself with binge-watching Mad About You and some weaving. I haven't written anything new since April. I can't write romance when there's emotional and real life turmoil. It doesn't work.

And for just another kick in the nuts, Tech Guy had an unexpected $800 truck repair Saturday!

Sweet Reunion is coming down with the end of October.

Despite a lot of hard work and my best efforts, this book hasn't been successful by anyone's standards, so I need to rethink this series and do a relaunch in the future.

I'm grateful for those of you who did like it. I hope you'll check out my other books and have patience with me on the rest. The one story I have to deliver in 2020 is the Cocky Hero World book, because I'm contractually obligated. 

Everything else, I will let you know when I know.

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