Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book 3 in Progress, and a little fangirling

The next Jacob/Beth story is being written. Current word count is 3105. Progress will go faster once I get to the pre-written material I have to edit (part of a previous incarnation of their book with a slightly different plot).

There will be a pause to read the next Dresden Files book as soon as I get my hands on it (offical release Tuesday). I've already read Jim's 5 sample chapters and OMG - so jealous of the fans at Comic Con this weekend that got to buy the book early. I know at least 2 people in the UK that got their book from Amazon already, grrrrr. If you have Ghost Story, don't spoil me! I'll have to thwap you.

On a sad note, Borders is being liquidated. Are you losing your local bookstore? Mine closed a few months ago when they were getting rid of the underperforming stores. It was nice to have one within walking distance for me, but oh well....stuck with the B&N across from the mall now.


  1. I know I am so sad about borders the closed the one closest to me a few months ago as well but there is one more that isn't too far... I will have to make a couple of trips before they are totally gone... On to more important things like your book can't wait for it to come out.... Is there a tentative date?

  2. Hi, Stephanie

    Date - not yet. I'm hoping to have the draft done by end of summer, and then it goes to betas and I have to fit in their, I'm planning on a release before the end of the year, for sure. Hopefully before November.


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