Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Must-Haves

1. Talking to Tech Guy. Even when he's away for a boy's weekend, I can't help calling at night.

2. My watch. I've worn one since I was itty-bitty and feel naked without it.

3. Rings. Same with the rings on each ring finger. They only come off when I shower. The left one is even formed like the joint of my finger because it's a little small.

4. Neutrogena lip balm. The basic stick. Wish they would carry it in stores again!

5. My allergy pill. Only thing that keeps my asthma away. And the sneezing.

6. Green Tea. I drink at least 3 mugs every day.

7. My computer.

8. Aveeno fragrance-free lotion. My hands started getting dry in my teens and I have to have a formula that doesn't set off my skin re: allergies.

9. Knowing where our kitties are. They can drive me nuts at times with the constant Mom!Mom!Mom! meowing because everything they want is a dire emergency.....but I love them. I worry when one of them doesn't come to greet me.

10. My best friends. Even though we're long-distance.

11. Chocolate. Do I need to explain? :-D

12. Memories. I'm one of those people who saves a lot of stuff because it will always bring up a memory.

13. A car. This is the one thing I don't have right now, and I miss driving all the time like you wouldn't believe. I put around 40,000 miles on my first car in just a few years.

What are your must-haves?


  1. I definitely need lip balm and body lotion. The kitties, too. :)

  2. Yay, chocolate!


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  3. I'm with you on chocolate, the computer and memories (I've pretty much become the family historian). I also have a hard time functioning without allergy meds, especially this time of year.

  4. Unfortunately my must have is a daily regimen of pain medication. The only other must haves are my diva dog, Chachi, and the love of my kids.
    Happy T13!

  5. Nice list.

    My top must haves (excluding family, of course) are coffee and the internet. I'm hopelessly addicted to both.

  6. I don't do the watch thing, but I check my cell phone all the time for the time.

  7. I used to wear a watch faithfully, so much so I'd forget and sleep in it. Now,I haven't worn one regularly in almost ten years. I need a pocket watch. That would be cool enough to keep my attention. *grin*

    Happy TT,

    13 Circling Thoughts

  8. @Adelle - Sorry it includes the pain meds. We have a friend with chronic pain and it really sucks to have to live on the meds.

    @xakara - Yeah, I've always slept in my watch. Only comes off when I wash. But pocket watches are cool. :)

    Thanks for the comments, everybody.


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