Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cats are Funny

I have 2 male cats - one born in '99 and the other in '03. The younger one outweighs the older one by at least 5lbs, but he's not the boss.

He's actually a big coward, lol.

Anyway, the younger cat had claimed a box recently. He's been curled up in it every day for weeks and been a better-behaved kitty because of it - until this week. Our oldest and alpha cat decided he wanted the box.

At first, he'd just bat at the cat in the box to annoy him, get him to leave it.
Then, he started getting in it when the other cat left.
This week, they've done a bunch of wrestling again - dominance plays - and Alpha Cat is now sleeping in the box and has been all week.

My poor cowardly younger cat has been restless, like he doesn't know what to do with himself now his favorite place is no longer his. Once again, he's sleeping in the middle of walkways and being a general nuisance.

But I'm sure the dynamic will change again. :-)  Alpha Cat changes sleeping places every 2 weeks.

So, what's your funny pet story?

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