Wednesday, May 8, 2024

My subscription page turns 1! #reamstories #contemporaryromance #rockstarromance #romanceauthor #romancereaders

A Year Went So Fast...

A year ago today, my Ream Stories page officially launched!

The page has grown and evolved since, and I'm really happy with where it is now. Have you checked out the updates?

All previously-published books are loaded there, as well as my current work-in-progress.

In addition, exclusive bonus stories will also be published there. (Like the ones I'll release in May 2024.) Every level gets perks!


Public readers can try out my First-In-Series titles that are free at all e-book stores, AND the first 6 chapters of Rae and Shane.

Follow my page with your e-mail and receive exclusive updates in the Community as well as story or chapter access. Followers can read and comment on 5 Flash Fiction stories currently published and the first 13 chapters of Rae/Shane!

For $3/month, gain access to my rom-com novella and future Flash Fiction stories. This is the tip jar tier.

At $5/month, you gain access to ALL of Rae/Shane before it is published in stores! Plus everything available at the lower level. Leave feedback that may shape the final book and maybe even help me pick a title.

With $10/month, get all the above plus access to all of the Jacob and Beth's Rockstar Life series - that's 5 books!

$15/month makes you a serious fan - Receive all the above plus the West Coast Soulmates series about Jacob's bandmates.

 makes you a Duet Partner! Gain access to everything above and The Bittersweet Duet - my two most recently-released novels. When We Were Young and Make You Feel My Love tell the story of Kate and Sam.

Got a question? I answer promptly. Feel free to comment on any story. All I ask is that you be respectful.

Current work-in-progress posting every Monday. Chapters will release through September 2nd, 2024 at minimum!

*Vacation romance
*Met as teens
*Small-town boy
*Big-city rich girl
*Family expectations
*Very steamy
*He falls first

Note: Is this a first draft? Yes. Do I write clean, though? YES.

I'm not an author whose first draft is a total disaster of typos and continuity errors etc. that might make the reading experience a pain (for anyone that doesn't love editing lol).

Ready to try things out? 


Q: When will I receive my member benefits?

A: Immediately upon joining a tier.

Q: What is the content "rating" for these stories?

A: Mature. Every book has at least one sex scene, and my characters use profanity (except Beth, so when she swears, it's a really big deal).

Q: How do I comment on a story?

A: The Ream team breaks it down here

Q: Who do I contact for technical support?

A: The Ream team:

To read your favorite stories anytime, anywhere, download the Ream app. For instructions on downloading the app, click here.

Bonus stories based on published books are free in exchange for becoming an email Follower. New short stories will be placed where they fit best in the future.

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