Monday, May 13, 2024

May 13th means Anniversary Perks! #shortstories #Christmasromance #rockstarromance #romancereaders #meetcute

It's Jacob and Beth's Birthday!

Beth and Jacob were born on May 13th, 2007, the day I wrote the first scene ever. In the years since, I have celebrated this with special perks and releases.

Here's what you get for 2024:

Read Jacob and Beth's Christmas at my subscription page today!

Jacob and Beth and family together (except Lincoln and Michaela are in Virginia). Jacob's a bit introspective this year. His little girl isn't a baby anymore and the band is facing a lot of changes. Will he let it effect his holiday cheer?

It's free when you click here and follow instructions.

I also bring you a brand new short story meet-cute! 

The Day We Met is the origin story of Dree and Kell.

When the mover you hired decides to dump your furniture on the sidewalk instead of carrying it into your second-story apartment, who do you call?

Click Here.

Take your pick, or read both stories today - and don't forget you can leave comments on the chapters!

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