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One Week to MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE's release! Here's a sexy excerpt #NSFW #contemporaryromance #romanceduet #comingsoon #romancereaders #excerptreveal

Make You Feel My Love Excerpt


I drew him to the window. He maneuvered me in front of him, wrapping his arms around my middle. With each shouted number, he kissed up the side of my neck. “Happy new year, Kate,” he said on “One!” and kissed my lips.

Pop-pop-pop went the first fireworks outside.

Inside, sparks had ignited between us. I ran my hands up his nape, into his hair, holding his mouth to mine. His hands slid under the hem of my top.

“What’s this?” he asked into my mouth, encountering the layer underneath.

“Find out,” I murmured before sucking on his tongue.

His fingers worked on the buttons.

In Sonya’s never-ending pursuit of trying to get me to treat myself and have more fun, she gave me a gift card to a lingerie store on my birthdays. Most years, I used it for practical concerns, replacing worn-out bras or panties, but every so often, something else caught my eye.

The final button slipped out of the hole and Sam spread my shirt open. “Kate…” he said roughly. The shirt fell to the floor.

I wore a bustier made of a sheer silky silver fabric with pretty embroidery on the cups. He stared at my breasts. “It’s a matching set,” I replied.

His brows rose before his eyes did. I nodded and he reached for my waistband and tugged my pants down. When the material puddled on the carpet, I stepped out of it. On one knee, he twirled his finger, encouraging me to turn around.

I rotated three-sixty and he groaned.

“Baby, you’re a fucking wet dream come to life.” The desire in his eyes made my blood hot. His hands slid up my legs until he was cupping my bare ass. “Didn’t know you were a thong girl.”

“Special occasion.”

“Hands on the window,” he commanded. I obeyed.

I thought Sam would get right to it, but I underestimated his control, his patience. His hands kept caressing my legs, fondling my ass, over my hips, and down my legs again. His mouth followed the path, starting with where my cheeks met my thighs. He held onto my hips while he nipped, sucked, kissed, and licked each cheek until I was pressing my ass into his face, begging for more. Only then, did his fingers slip under my thong.

“God, you’re soaked,” he said lowly.


My panties joined the other clothes on the floor, then his hips were against my ass, his cock rubbing my clit from behind. “You want this?” he whispered in my ear.


One stroke seated him all the way in. I leaned my forehead on the glass, already overcome. How was I going to go months without this again?

I felt Sam’s bare chest against my back and knew he’d stripped naked, but didn’t seem to feel inclined to make me the same. His hands stayed on my hips as he began thrusting.

“Have you had sex with a view before, Kate?”

The big midnight fireworks show had yet to end. Foreplay had felt like an eternity but in actuality had probably been five minutes, maybe a little more. The room took on shades of red and blue and purple and green and gold as the bursts of light in the sky played out.


“Keep your eyes open, babe. I don’t want you to miss anything.” Sam was still in no hurry and this leisurely pace was driving me mad. My body was already begging for release, but he wouldn’t speed up until the last firework was only smoke in the winter night.

Then he turned us around and slipped out.

“Bend over the bed.”

Pussy throbbing, I complied. “Sam…

“I love this ass,” he said, caressing my left cheek. “Curvy without being too big. Firm, yet bitable.” Which he demonstrated. I yelped at his teeth. “I wanted to deck every guy in the locker room that talked about it. Now you’re finally mine.”

He thrust back in hard.

I cried out, but not in pain.

He was no longer playing around, slamming into my body, his balls slapping my clit. I gripped the comforter until he suddenly wrapped an arm around me and yanked me upright. His fingers undid the front hooks of my bustier and my breasts spilled into his hands. Then he twisted my nipples and my inner walls fluttered.

“Close, aren’t you?”


One strong arm around my waist, the other hand on my breast, his hips sped up. He stroked my G-spot but I needed a little more to tip over the edge. I guided his hand to the base of my throat to collar me with my head leaned back on his chest.

He murmured, “I love you, Kate,” in my ear and I saw fireworks behind my eyelids.

My pussy milked his cock for all it was worth.

We collapsed onto the bed. My heart galloped in my chest, echoed by his behind me.

Sam kissed the back of my neck, then rolled off.

Two awkward heaps sliding to the floor.

“Damn, woman.”


He chuckled at my articulation and pulled me into his side. Kissed my head. “That’s how you ring in New Year’s.”

“Yeah.” Bliss was already spreading through my body. I could sleep here.

Make You Feel My Love - Bittersweet Duet #2 - Pre-order here

Sleeping with Sam the second time might’ve been the stupidest thing I’ve done in thirty-eight years. Everyone knows long-distance relationships don’t work. I go home after Christmas thinking I did the right thing.

Then he shows up at my door with my favorite pizza and wine and says he loves me!

Sam offers me things no other man ever has, but it feels like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Long-distance terrifies me, especially when he wants me there with him now and I know his patience won’t last forever.

Then he pushes for more at the same time my world is turned upside-down and it’s too much. If I’m already losing everything, why not him, too?

Our timing has always sucked.

But fate eventually puts me back in California again.

And this time, I know I love him back.

This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

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