Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Ask Me Anything (well, almost anything) #AMA #askmeanything #romancereaders #romanceauthor #contemporaryromance

Have you heard of AMAs?

Otherwise known as Ask Me Anything?

Today, I want to try it. 

Reply with any question - respectfully, of course.

Do you have a question about a book?

A story question?


You can ask questions about me, too.

In case you're new - or forgot why you're here - I'm Carla Krae, 45, with a tech guy and 5 cats, all rescues. I write contemporary romance, starting with Jacob and Beth and his rockstar ambitions. I first published in 2011.

Reply to this post with your thoughts and I'll try to answer honestly! Cool?

Let's chat,



  1. What made you write about rockstars

    1. I trained in music, including my college major, so writing including the music biz was natural. I'm a fan of music, obviously, but I'm also fascinated by documentaries digging into the lives of artists and bands.


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