Friday, October 20, 2023

#YOLOWithKOBO Event brings you over 400 romances today! 

What is the YOLO With Kobo Promo? It is a concentrated effort from romance authors similar to Stuff Your E-Reader and Stuff Your Earbuds, but completely focused on Kobo Plus. This promo features both e-books & audiobooks in Kobo Plus.

What is Kobo? An app you can download you to your phone or tablet, like you’ve downloaded the Kindle App to your phone or tablet. They also have a branded e-reader like the Kindle. You must have the app or the e-reader to get your free month of Kobo Plus – and to continue with the program, if you so choose. 

How Much is Kobo Plus? Your first month is free if you’re a new member. 

Following that month, the prices are cheaper than Kindle Unlimited. 

Kobo Plus Reading – 7.99

Kobo Plus Listening – 7.99

Kobo Plus Listening & Reading – 9.99 (Best Deal)

Please note these prices are in USD, and be sure to check your country to verify for sure. 

As of September 19th, 2023 the prices are monthly.

Is Kobo Plus Truly Unlimited?– Kobo Plus is truly unlimited and allows readers to access as many titles as they’d like with no restrictions. The only way readers lose access to their Kobo Plus downloads is if they cancel their membership. Canceling one’s membership removes the books downloaded with Kobo Plus from the user’s device, but will leave the preview.

As I detailed here in the past, all my books are available in Kobo Plus!

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