Wednesday, August 2, 2023

New way to read my stories! #contemporaryromance #rockstarromance #romancereaders #loveromance #romancesubscription

I'm posting at Ream Stories!


1) Kissed and The Bassist are free reads for the public, no membership required now.

2) You can now Follow me - and all it takes is making an account. Followers will receive exclusives now this feature is live. Each time there's a Follower update, you'll get emailed.

3) I have exclusive Flash Fiction posted! The first 5 are Jacob and Beth and Bob and Celeste. 

Available with the Concert Ticket membership level, along with:

  • Exclusive Community Access with early access to updates
  • Early access to WIP sneak peeks and updates
  • Behind the scenes exclusives
  • The Roommate novella 

Why become a subscriber, though? 

If you join at the Backstage Pass level, you get 1000 pages of stories for $5. 

Become a Fan Club Member for $10 and gain access to 2000 pages!

My subscription page is the only place to get this kind of value.

Ready to try things out? How to download the Ream App

We want you to be able to read books like you want to read books. You can even comment on chapters as you browse them, because this is really about community

How commenting on stories works

By October, Ream will be adding even more new features! I'll update you as I get news. We really want to make this the best home for authors and readers it can be.

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