Sunday, December 5, 2021

The only place to read My Once and Future Loved Revisited originals versions is now at Eden Books @edenbooksus

My Once and Future Love Revisited series new

Effective immediately, MOaFLR original versions can only be found at Eden Books store. These first editions will be available through December/the end of 2021.

If you see the new series title at a store - Jacob and Beth's Rockstar Life - those are second editions. 

If you're reading through MOaFLR books, picking up a Second Edition will not line up with your Original Edition product, and here's why:

8 years after Kissed was published, I've refreshed the series. The books still have the same series story, but Beth and Jacob's POVs have been changed to 1st person to match West Coast Soulmates. That change divides each book into more chapters, with one POV per chapter.

The placement of scenes has also been altered starting with Betrayed - chapters from Forgiven were moved to Betrayed, chapters from Loved moved to Forgiven, and chapters from Completed moved to Loved. We believe the edits will make for a more compelling series read for new readers.

As of December 3rd, 2021, Completed's revision is still in progress, so it is off sale, along with the series set, until the new edition is finished.

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