Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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THE DRUMMER Tuesday Teaser

“Yes, you understand a music career, but it’s not that.”  Somehow my hand was in his.  “I can be myself, Michaela, because you expect nothing. I’m not Linc the drummer. I’m not Professor Martin Adam’s son. You don’t care if I impress you, so I don’t have to try, and that’s liberating. The rockstar ego you tease me about? Not happening around you because I don’t need any masks. Don’t you like the honesty between us?”

I pulled my hand back.  “Are you this persistent with all women who reject you?”

He grinned.  “You’re the only one.”

“Who you keep chasing?”

“To reject me.”

I frowned.  “So it is an ego thing. Your interest is that you hate to lose.”

“You’re funny. No, Michaela Simon, you’re the only woman who likes me and hasn’t wanted to admit it. The only woman who gave off sparks on day one. The only one to make me cry when you sang. The only girl to bust my balls at any opportunity. And definitely the best sex I’ve ever had. I’m persistent because you’re one of a kind and I’d be a fool to let you walk away without exploring us as far as I can.”

Oh.  We’d waded into serious territory again and I felt a little breathless. 

His eyes dilated with desire, he pulled me over to seat me on his leg and kissed me, fingers burrowing into my hair.  I moaned and wrapped my arms around him.  He tasted savory, salty, and sweet, and I forgot where we were until someone passing loudly cleared their throat.

Lincoln leaned his forehead on mine.  “Ever parked?”


“Made out in the car. You know, parking.”

“Let’s go.”

He left money on the table and we hurried out to the modern Charger.

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Lincoln and Michaela were introduced in A Rockstar Christmas Wedding.

Lincoln Adams is only supposed to be a drunken mistake, the consequence of a little too much Christmas wedding eggnog. Once he’s asleep, I sneak out of his apartment expecting to never see the drummer again.

Except I left my guitar at his friend’s house. And my earring on his floor.

An earring he uses to leverage me into a lunch date where he starts chipping away at the armor erected around my heart while heating up my body with a need I’ve never felt before. I indulge in his body one last time.

Until a surprise mutual connection brings us together for a week of sharing and sensual delights.

What happens in Virginia can stay in Virginia—right?

This story is intended for readers 18 and over due to adult language, sexual content, and adult situations.

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