Monday, October 23, 2017

Hiatus Announcement

Hiatus Announcement

Effective today, I'm on hiatus from writing long-fiction for the foreseeable future. There will be at least one Love Hurts novel in 2018, but I don't know when. Books no longer pay the bills and I have to look after myself and my family.

Thank you for understanding.


Here's the icky part of this conversation - readers need to buy and read books or books don't get written. That's the facts.

At a traditional job, I'd be paid every week or two weeks or once a month as long as I did the job my employer required of me. That's the contract - you put in your hours, you get paid.

But anyone in business for themselves has to sell their product and/or service every day or there is no pay for anyone. Providers rely on consumers to participate in their end of the transaction every day. Hey, we all have to be prudent about where we put our dollars, but just know, you only get the entertainment you like as long as you participate in the support of it. The best thing you can do besides buying a product is telling someone else about it - and that's free!

So if there's any author you really love, tell anyone that might be remotely interested about how amazing you think those stories are. You get someone new to talk to about your fandom and you're doing a big favor for the author, too.

Carla Krae

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