Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Inspiration photos for Beth's wedding dress (My Once and Future Love Revisited #5)

Beth's Wedding Dress

I've had the concept of the dress in mind for a long time. Here are some samples:

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  1. Beth is a crazy bitch. She wants to do everything on her own. Beth does not want to address her feelings to Jacob. Beth express her past feeling to Jacob, does he have to wait another 10 years for her to express what is going on right now. As you can read, I am really enjoying the book, it is a page turner. I will be finish probably tonight.

    1. I appreciate you reading my book, but please don't insult my character. She's not crazy.

  2. I not insulting your character. Your character is cool, because she is a Gemini. I finish the book, and I enjoyed it. I like all your books. Elizabeth is a character you want to know more about, you cannot get enough of, and Jacob is sexy. Keep up the good work.


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