Saturday, November 2, 2013

KISSED release day Nov. 3rd - My Once and Future Love Revisited #1

Get KISSED in paperback November 3rd!

Kissed - Suggested Retail Price: $6.99 USD.

One kiss ignites chemistry and passion they can’t ignore, but is this only a summer fling?

Neighbors. Best friends. It was only a crush Beth harbored for Jacob until she was eighteen. Until London.

Neighbors. Best friends. That was all Jacob thought of her until London. Until she kissed him and stole his heart.

It's funny what Geometry class and a shared backyard wall can bring about. With a two-year age difference, Beth and Jacob were firmly in the Friend Zone during high school, but a pre-college trip to London will change their lives forever.

Kissed is the first of five books in the My Once and Future Love Revisited series exploring Beth and Jacob’s relationship with all its joys, flaws, and heartache. New Adult Contemporary Romance saga.

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Buy the e-book Jan. 5th. Pre-order now.

Betrayed comes out Dec 1, Forgiven on Jan 5, and Loved on Feb 2. I'm still writing the last book.


  1. Hi Carla, I have the book bundle of My Once and Future Love. Is there going to a lot of major changes? I was wondering if I would be missing anything by not getting the updated books. I love Jacob and Beth's story.

    1. KISSED doesn't contain anything new. There will be scenes you'll miss in BETRAYED onward. I don't want to post spoilers here, but some scenes are just expanded, and a few are new.

      There are no dramatic plot changes.

      It's one reason I'm happy these are going out in paperback as it's a format my fans don't already have, but no one is required to buy again. These are being repackaged to fit a book category that didn't exist when MOaFL released. Either way, the last book will be new to everyone.

      Hope that answers your question, Sue.


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