Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Book 3 Update

ETA: There is a discussion thread for this book at Goodreads.

Haven't updated you all on MOaFL Book 3 progress in a while, so I thought I'd do so now.

Current word total - 32,744. That puts us 5 pages into chapter 10, so far. ETA: 32,848.

I had planned to work on adding significantly to Book 3 between 7/16 and 8/6, but some challenges have popped up - first was a housemate's unannounced vacation time (that they always spend at home) and second is a health issue with Tech Guy that might require multiple doctor visits. My personal deadlines tend to be cursed (you've picked up on that if you've read this blog for a couple years), so I really shouldn't have made plans even in my own head, but that's where we are now.

If you'd like to read early sample versions of chapters one - nine, they're available here. ETA: 10 Part One.

I consider getting to a full-length novel as  at least 70,000 words, so we have a ways to go, although I have pre-written material I haven't inserted, yet (over 13,000 words). Probably 24,000 new words minimum to write still.

When this book is finally ready, it'll get a big release and I still remember I owe the entrants of the Turn the Page Goodreads event a free copy of Book 3. You will be contacted when it's released. I'm dreadfully sorry for the long wait.

Any questions? I think that's all the news on this book I have right now, but feel free to post a comment.


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