Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Sequel Will Not Be Out Until 2013

A lot of people ask about the next My Once and Future Love book.

Beth and Jacob's conclusion will not be out until next year. I don't know when.

The book isn't finished, yet - partly from my health and partly from having no clear idea of how to go forward. What I do have needs a rewrite. It isn't the right tone. I couldn't write a happy Jacob and Beth when I felt miserable. I've only gotten ideas for fixing it this summer.

I'm sorry for the delay. I never anticipated chronic pain that would trouble me this long. I haven't slept well most of the year because I keep waking up from moving wrong and causing pain. As anyone with sleep deprivation before knows, it's hell on your concentration, mood, energy, etc.

Yes, the book will come. I haven't given up on it or abandoned it. I just don't know when you'll get it.

Thank you for your patience,



  1. While I am looking forward to the rest of Beth and Jacob's story, your health is more important! I hope you feel well soon.

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your bundle from Amazon yesterday (i had gotten unlikely pair as a freebie) and was up until nearly 5am reading and then back at it at 9am after a nap... I truly have enjoyed Jacob & Beth's story... I am so glad I discovered your books... While I am truly looking forward to the sequel, I want it to be a happy story with a healthy and successful author behind it... So I am impatiently but happily awaiting the sequel. I read ALOT and I loved this book/series... Thanks so much!!

    1. I'm sitting here grinning, Jen. Thanks so much. I'm glad you like them.


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