Sunday, February 19, 2012

Insert Exciting Post Title Here

I'm sorry I don't have news you guys would want to hear.

Those of you newer to my sites may not know I've been dealing with a chronic injury for months. For those that do know about my arm, I'm sad to say it still isn't well enough to be back to work.

My shoulder makes it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep, my hand and wrist hurt to use my mouse or keyboard, and it's hard just to hold a full mug of tea or a pen. Of course all this is in my dominant arm, so I'm pretty much useless.

So, I don't know when the sequel to My Once and Future Love is coming. I have all kinds of thoughts for revising what's done so far that I can't put on a page, so believe me, I'm frustrated.

Anyway, I hadn't done an update in a while, so I wanted to get your guys up to speed. In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy reading The Unsuspecting Bride (which was written before my injury).



  1. Oh no, I hope you begin to feel better! My prayers are with you.

  2. Been checking for the sequel often... Praying your arm heals... Have u considered voice recoginition software or even a scribe that could help you get your ideas on paper? Good luck!!

    1. Oh, my voice would give out with that much talking, lol. Thanks so much for the well wishes and I'm sorry for the wait.


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