Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

13 sentences from Book 3:

New Year's Eve
Tokyo, Japan

The concert had been timed for the latest song to end a minute before midnight. The big screen behind Jake and the band showed the crowd as the camera panned over the audience. They screamed.

“Grab someone you love, and if you came alone, make a friend,” he said into the mike.

A timer popped up on the screen counting down the seconds.

Jacob dialed a number on his cell phone, then held it up to the shouting crowd.


Her voice mail would pick up at this hour, but it didn’t matter.


He held the phone’s microphone close to his lips to be heard over the celebrating crowd. “Happy New Year, baby. I’m comin’ home.”



  1. Complete side question. Is it "mike" or "mic" when talking about a microphone? I've seen both but I'm not sure which is currently acceptable.

    Happy T13,

    13 Cakes

  2. Officially? I have no clue. I think mike gets used because you want the reader to have the right sound for the short name, but I really don't know what is "proper". I never had to write it before I put it in fiction.

  3. Great excerpt!


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  4. Very nice excerpt with a great hook ender.



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