Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Snippet

I had a good week, so I'm feeling generous.

My pillow wiggled beneath me. “Bethie-love, I have to leave.”

I nuzzled into the crook of Jacob’s neck and mumbled, “Just five more minutes.”

“Gave you those ten minutes ago. Let me up.”

“Don’t wanna.” After nearly two months without my boyfriend, one day wasn’t enough, even if he did make it for Christmas.

He rolled us over on my brother’s deep sofa. “Gonna miss my flight if I don’t get up now.” He stood and tossed the blanket back over me. It was barely sunrise and cold in the living room.

Too early even for me, but since I wouldn’t have him home for a week, I watched him gather his clothes and toiletries and head for the hall bathroom. This tour had definitely put a crimp in the progress of our developing relationship. I questioned the intelligence of dating a rock star all the time. If not for all the history of thirteen years and loving him nearly as long, I’d say no way and not for me, but Jacob was Jacob—the only boy/man I’d ever wanted.

Which made the whole enterprise scary as hell.

 Yes, there will be another Jacob/Beth book. :-)


  1. I truley cannot wait for this book!!! So get a move on lol just kidding. Take your time I want it to be just as good as the last one ....I am telling you I did not sleep for a whole day just to finish it start to finish it was amazing!! I loved it!!!

  2. Thank you, Cassie. I needed to hear that today. I'll do my best. :)

  3. Yay! I can't wait to read more about Jacob and Beth!


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