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I'm sharing shorter fiction on Patreon. Subscribers get to see posts 7 days before the public and the first teaser is here.

$1/month will get you exclusive early access to the new shorts I'm working on.

The first is about Adrienne and Kelly, two friends with nowhere else to be on Christmas.

Did you know I have rewards on Patreon?

$1/month gets you Exclusive Excerpts - Access to my patron-only feed where I share exclusive book excerpts.

$5/month gets you Early Access - See my latest work before anyone else! Subscribe at this level and receive the next novel before release day. 1 e-book per customer, 24 hours before wide release.

$10/month makes you a Super Fan - Contribute $10/month and receive paperbacks from the West Coast Soulmates series.

And $20/month is Your Name Here - Your name (real or a pseudonym) credited in my next book.

Happy reading!

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  1. I read Dyan & Jen, Mike & Hannah, and Roommate all in four days. Non-Stopping excitement. I enjoyed them very much. Thank you...keep up the good work.


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