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Sneak Peek #10 (My Once and Future Love Revisited #5) #WIPWEDNESDAY

Sneak Peek #10

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These excerpts are from a Work In Progress and I can't promise the text will be the same in the final version. 

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Chapter Ten
January 4th

“Didn’t see you last night. How was your date?” Celeste asked when Beth walked in.
“Cut short for a minor band emergency.”
“Good thing you didn’t wear something sexy.”
“Yeah, no kidding…why does our timing always suck?”  She went upstairs.
Celeste walked out to their balcony.  The sea breeze lifted her hair off her neck.  Her cat followed her out to rub against her legs.  Cesar was huge and old and considered the two women his servants.  He loathed other males in his territory, so she never brought Bob back to her place. 
She suddenly had a light-bulb moment and ran upstairs.  “BETH!”
“I’m in the shower!”
She stopped outside the bathroom door.  “You’re planning to have sex with Jacob!”
“He’s not even here!”
“I teased you about wearing something sexy, and you didn’t flinch! You have plans!”
“I… This is ridiculous. Can you wait until I’m done in here?”
“Fine, but we’re having The Talk, Miss Thing…”  She waited in Beth’s bedroom. 
Five minutes later, Beth walked in wearing a robe and combing her wet hair.  “What is so urgent you had to interrupt my shower?”
“Nothing to spill. It was late when we left the hospital, so I crashed.”
“Seriously? Completely platonic?”
“It’s really none of your business, you know. Aren’t you busy enough with your own boyfriend?”
Celeste wrinkled up her nose.  “’Boyfriend’ sounds so high school. We enjoy each other’s company.”
“Whatever. Point is, I don’t have to tell you anything involving Jacob at all.”
“No need to get snippy, Beth. Is it so wrong to want to share in your good fortune?”  She snapped her fingers.  “We should double. You know, now that you two are being seen in public.”
“I’ll think about it.”
“Aaron made the news-news, not just the celeb news. Isn’t that wild?”
“Not surprising. Regular news sounds more like the tabloids every day. And you wonder why I don’t watch much TV.”
“Oh, I know why. I just think it’s sad.”
“Ha, ha. Are you going to spend your entire lunch hour harassing me?”
Celeste grinned.  “Oh, I’m done for the day. Went home sick.”  She coughed a couple times to illustrate.
Beth shook her head.  “If this is you at twenty-seven, I’d hate to see what you were like at sixteen.”
“Mmm, we would have had such fun…”
Yeah, yeah.”
“So, what’s up? Normally, you go into denial any time I mention sex and Jacob in the same sentence. Today, you didn’t.”
“I’m getting used to your potty mouth?”
“Ha, ha. Come on…if you can’t tell your best friend…”
Alright. Our anniversary is soon, okay? I’ve been thinking.”
“Definitely a memorable occasion. Are you prepared?”
“Drugstore is right down the street. I think I’m old enough.”
“Well, they’re not a hundred percent effective, you know that, right? So you should have back-up plans.”
“I went on birth control after Bora Bora.”
“And what about testing?”
“I haven’t been with anyone since Jacob, you know that.”
“Not you, him. If he’s been with as many girls as we think, you should ask.”
Beth winced.  “How can I do that without accusing him of being a big ho? His medical status was one area I stayed out of.”
“Well, if you can’t talk to him about your mutual health, you’re not ready to get bouncy. Just somethin’ to think about,” Celeste said.  “Better to know than assume, these days.” 
She left Beth to get dressed.

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  1. I appreciate that you addressed a very real and important topic. Most books just have the main characters hop into bed without much thought or prep, then it's oops weeks later. This is portion is very real and you should be commended for that!

    I very much like the fantasy life of Beth and Jake but this is real. So while I can fantasize about a rocker finding me I also know that this is a true reality!

    1. Thank you so much. I have to put realism in stories. Just how I'm wired.


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