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Jacob/Beth Book 5 Sneak Peek #5

Sneak Peek #5

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These excerpts are from a Work In Progress and I can't promise the text will be the same as the final version. 

Chapter Five
December Twenty-ninth

To Jake Lindsey: The crowds at the airports made ET. Looks scary. Stay safe, please. I want you home in one piece.

After photographing a house for a realtor this morning, Beth only had the gallery open a half day.  The door chime sounded while she was in her office.
“Back here.”  She stood from the desk.
Her old college friend and now-sometimes-boss Nathan appeared looking as polished as ever.  “What are you up to?”
“Previewing shots I took this morning. Didn’t know you were in town.”
“You know how it is. Anyway, I’m hungry and hate eating alone, so I’m darkening your doorstep.”
She locked her computer and turned off the monitor.  “Might as well. Dead this week, anyway.”  If not for working with high-end real estate agents, she’d be hurting these last two weeks of the year.
Spending time with Nathan was easy, unlike the rest of the people in her life.  Career-focused, too, he’d make a few polite inquiries about how she was, then they’d talk business or culture or anything that didn’t matter.  No baggage, no strings, and no feelings.  If he picked the restaurant, he paid; if she chose, then she picked up the check.  Simplicity she desperately needed since Jacob came back into her life.
They walked to a late lunch.  Downtown Santa Monica had its perks.
“Have a nice Christmas?” he asked over risotto.
“Sure. I was with my family. You?”
“Only on Christmas. My grandmother will haunt me one day if I don’t show up.”
“You’ve got a big place—why don’t you invite them over?”
“Tradition. And…I like my quiet after work. A dozen relatives are never quiet.”
She nodded.  “True enough. I do think it’s a shame to hide that architecture from people, though. I loved shooting that apartment.”
He smiled.  “I remember.”
“Old buildings have character. Soul. While it’s possible to kill it with a really bad reno, most of the time the bones are still there. Your designer managed to update the space in a tasteful way.”
“Glad you approve. My door is always open to old friends.”
Her phone buzzed.  Text message from Jake Lindsey: On the way to hotel after packed gig. God, I’m tired. Miss you.  She sent back: Miss you, too. Sleep well.  Turning off the phone, she told Nathan, “Sorry about that. You were saying?”
“That from the wayward boyfriend?”
“He’s not…’wayward’. Why?”
“You smiled when you read it.”
“I smile for a lot of things.”
“Not that kind of smile, Lizzie. Dessert?”
She shook her head.  “I should get back to the office.” 
He shrugged and flagged the waiter for the check.


  1. I love the Nathan friendship, although a huge part of me wonders if he will make another move with Jacob being "wayward"

    1. No comment on Nathan. :) Thanks for reading!


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