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Jacob/Beth Book 5 Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #2

Sneak Peek #1 is here.

These excerpts are from a Work In Progress and I can't promise the text will be the same as the final version.

Chapter Two
December Twenty-sixth continued…

They’d flown out of Virginia four hours before Beth would leave, meaning she was in the air when Jacob landed and he was stuck with voice mail. 
The moment he was off the plane in Vancouver, they whisked him away to a live radio interview.  From there, they took him to his suite to do over-the-phone press until he said no bloody more and got some sleep. 
Rock stars did not do work at sunrise.   
The nap helped, so he ordered lunch—late breakfast?—and pulled his iPhone out of his pocket.
“Hey, beautiful.”
“Shouldn’t you be at rehearsal?”
“I’m having lunch. Thought I’d ring my girl now we’re finally in the same time zone.”  11:45AM PST, to be exact.
“Oh. Hi.”
He could imagine her tucking her long hair behind her ear.  “Hello. Are you home now?”
“Yeah. Where are you?”
“My suite. Alone. It has a big bed.”
“Don’t start that again. I just went on vacation with you in October. That fills my spontaneity quota.”
“Sorry…”  She sighed.  “Didn’t mean to snap.”
“Anything I can do?”
“Come home on time.”
Just yesterday, she told him she loved him for the first time and he was on cloud nine.  Cloud eleven, even.  He expected her to be excited to hear his voice, not snippy.  She’d put a brave face on her notes, though, so maybe he wasn’t seeing exactly how difficult it was on her end. 
“The last gig is New Year’s Eve, alright? Soon as they let me out, I’m on my way to L.A.
“I know. I have Christmas gifts for you.”
“We’ll make a proper night of it. Dinner, twinkly lights, a crackling fire…”
“It’s Southern California, Jacob. Bit warm to use the fireplace,” she teased.
“Hey, they built one into my house, I’m going to use it.”
“Knew I could get a grin.”
“How do you know that? You can’t see me.”
“Hear it in your voice, love. You think I don’t know every inflection after this many years?”
“I love you.”
He smiled.  “Won’t get tired of hearin’ that.”
“People tell you every day.”
“They love me like they love chocolate.”  He knew better by now than to confuse fan devotion with genuine feeling.
“I like chocolate, too.”
“Ha, ha. You and Mum and the lads are what’s real. It’s the difference between steak and powdered sugar. Only sugar I need is from you.”
Now he knew she was blushing.  “I miss you.”
She sighed.  “One more week.”
“Six days, roundabouts. Bleedin’ time differences escape me. We fly out of Japan on the first, I think.”
“Let me know when you’ll land.”
“Will do.”  He sighed.  “They need to invent teleportation.”
Leaning back in the chair, he smiled and settled into their usual old banter.  “Learned about it from you, sweetheart. Who’s the nerd?”
“Shut up.”
“Make me.”
“In six days, I will!”
Really wished she would.  It’d been one of his favorite pastimes, years ago.  “Play fighting is more fun when I can snog you into givin’ in.”
“When are you going to talk like a Californian? You were born here.”
He kicked on an exaggerated Valley Girl accent.  “Because, like, I don’t want to sound like a bloody airhead. You know?”
“Okay, yeah, never do that again.”
He laughed.  She laughed too.  His PA walked in and frowned at his lunch sitting mostly untouched.  “The pup just walked in, love. Think I have to go.”
“Okay.”  The disappointment in her voice made his stomach twist.
“I love you, Beth.”
“I know. Call when you can.”
“Bye.”  She hung up.
Jacob turned off his cell, slid it into his pocket, and arched a brow at his fidgeting assistant.
“Sir, you’re needed at the venue.”
“They’ll wait five minutes,” he said, and picked up a sandwich half.
“If you’re gonna argue, do it outside.”
“Yes, Mr. Lindsey.”  The minion turned and left the suite.


  1. I love all of your stories. Almost embarrassingly I have all of them with different covers. Cannot wait to read the next installment! Very much looking foward to it.

    1. You're too sweet. A super-fan! Thanks so much.


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